Wedding Registry Details

Buying a Registry Gift

How does buying a gift from a wedding registry work?

Browse the couple's wedding registry (they would have either shared a direct link with you or you can search for their registry on the "Find a Wedding Registry" page) and choose and select a gift you'd like to purchase for them.

For products which the couple have requested two or more of there, either the product title will have "(2 Needed)" in it or there will be a table at the top of the page stating which products the couple requested to have more than one of. 

Press the "Add to Cart" button on the item page.

From there, you can either choose to add more gifts or to proceed to View Cart.

In the View Cart page, please put your name and the assigned couple code which consists of the first letter of each of the couples' names, for example "C&G", in the notes section at the bottom of the page, this will enable us to know the gift is from you and allow the couple to thank you accordingly.

At the View Cart page, you can also add a special message to the couple in the Notes section at the bottom of the page.

You can then review what items you have selected and see the total amount to pay. From here you can select Check Out to proceed to paying for the gift. 

The website will then ask you to log in or to sign up in order to proceed.

You will then be asked for a type of delivery, please ensure you select Pick Up or Collection to avoid any additional charges.

You can then proceed to pay using any of our payment methods.

Once a gift is purchased off the registry it will be removed to ensure that there are no duplicate products purchased for the couple.

We'll deliver your gift, along with your message, after their big day.


Can I split payment for a gift?

If you wish to split a payment with another guest for a gift off the registry, please contact us directly at or on WhatsApp on 071 277 6476 and we will send you payment links in order to purchase the gift.

You can decide on how much each person must pay for the gift. It does not matter if you wish to split the gift equally or different amounts for each guest. 

If you wish to split payment for a gift, please note we will reserve that product for you. If payment is not made within 7 days of sending the payment links, the product will be readded to the wedding registry and any payment made towards that gift will be refunded.


When will the couple receive my gift?

We only deliver gifts to the couple after their big day, at a time of their choosing.

 You won't need to take a gift with you to the event.

When the couple is ready, they'll close their wedding registry and ask us to deliver all their gifts to them whenever is most convenient. Your gift will be packed together with all their gifts and they'll receive your message and description of what you bought for them.

We will write your message on a beautiful card which the couple will receive along with their gifts.


How will the couple know what I chose for them?

Every time a gift is bought on the wedding registry, we take down the details of what was bought and by whom. Depending on what the couple choose, the couple will be notified as soon as a gift is purchased for them and by whom the gift was purchased by or the couple will receive the details of all gifts that were bought for them after they close their registry.


Do I get the gift to take to the wedding?

Let us handle the gift-giving hassle for you! Instead of dealing with the wrapping and transportation of the gift, we'll securely store everything and deliver the complete wedding registry directly to the couple once they've settled into their new home. No need to worry about wrapping, driving back for a forgotten gift, or searching for the gift table. Simply click, purchase, and entrust us with the task of ensuring they receive everything seamlessly.


Can the couple return the gift?

Upon concluding their wedding registry, couples can opt to swap items for newer selections that have emerged since their registration or allocate the value of several smaller gifts towards one or two larger items. Following the delivery of the registry, should any items prove unsatisfactory, they can be returned for an exchange with another product of equal value or a Room+ voucher. Regrettably, cash refunds for registry gifts are not provided. Most products come with warranties, and we are pleased to assist with exchanges or repairs as necessary.


If you have any other questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us on or message us on WhatsApp on 071 277 6476